This study is for:

  • People aged between 2 to 30 years, who ALSO

  • Live in Australia OR New Zealand, who ALSO

  • Have a relative diagnosed with type 1 diabetes OR

  • Have previously had a positive antibody test

About this study

To participate in Type1Screen you will be asked to:

  • read the information sheet

  • sign a consent form for your age group (i.e. 2-18 years or 18-30 years)

  • complete a health questionnaire emailed to you by the team

  • visit a local pathology centre to have a blood test

Participants will be informed of their results within two months of the sample being collected. If diabetes antibodies are identified, a second blood sample will be arranged to confirm the finding.

People who have diabetes antibodies will be linked to the closest participating diabetes centre to learn about symptoms of diabetes, and will be offered opportunities to participate in studies that aim to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.

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